Depending on how you feel, you may jump at the chance of a baby shower or immediately shut it down. It is a fantastic idea to bring your nearest and dearest together for a catch up pre baby for a chat, bubbles (for the guests!!) and perhaps some afternoon tea.

Here are our top reasons to host a baby shower :

You are surrounded by the people who have supported you throughout your pregnancy – these are the people who will also be there when you need them most when you are meandering through your newly established life as a mother! Show your appreciation and invite them over for the day!

You deserve to be centre of attention

Firstly, what you are doing is truly amazing and should be celebrated. Pregnancy is no fun and a day filled with chats, laughs and cake should be the perfect anecdote for a stressed out mum to be.

No one can resist a celebration

Secondly, being invited along to a loved ones baby shower is a fun and girly day out! Besides, your friends and family will want to celebrate with you and help you mark this important time in your life too.

The Perfect Get Together

Our third reason is that a baby shower is the perfect platform for women of all generations to get together. You can join forces, share stories and give advice on their own pregnancies and children! It is worth its weight in gold and prove to be a very enjoyable day for all involved.

Little Or No Fuss 

Finally, there is very little planning involved in a baby shower – balloons, cakes, sandwiches, tea and perhaps some bubbles for the guests! Unlike throwing a birthday party, your baby shower is a far more informal affair where you can set the tone.

If a family member is offering to throw you a baby shower why not take them up on the offer? You will look back on the photographs with fondness and remember it as a really positive experience.