The first few weeks with your new born can be incredibly stressful. You are constantly questioning if you are doing things right (especially if it’s your first!!) – this is perfectly normal. Trying to establish a routine when your world has been turned upside down is a tough task. We promise that it does get easier.  Here are our top tips on managing the first few weeks with a new born :

Forget the mess

Mess is inevitable with a newborn in the house so ignore it and just do as much as you can. Scrubbing bathroom walls while the baby is asleep or being afraid of what visitors think will drain you both physically and emotionally. We recommend concentrating on caring for your baby and minding yourself. Make sure to accept help when it’s offered, pride has no place when there is a new born involved. If you can afford it, perhaps get a cleaner in as a once off treat. Getting your routine back to normal as soon as possible will make you feel yourself again. 

Mind yourself!

It is only natural that the wellbeing of your baby is at the forfront of your mind but you also need to think about your own too! You will be no good to your baby if you are sick or exhausted. Make sure and eat right or perhaps start taking supplements to make sure you are getting the right nutrition you need (be careful of this if you are breastfeeding). Try and sleep when the baby is asleep, take half an hour a week at least for ‘me’ time take exercise as much as you can.

You and your partner – the ultimate dream team

Your partner is going through the sleepless nights along with you and can also be irritable when things get tough. Remember you guys are a team. It’s important to be supportive of one another even if you are living in chaos. Try and get out for dinner when you can or enjoy some couple time on the sofa with a bottle of wine – it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Accept help!

As mentioned, there is no where for pride when there is a new born around. Always accept help. If something suggested doesn’t suit you perhaps suggest something else they could help you with. It helps people feel involved and are more likely to offer again. Family and friends are only too happy to have the baby to themselves for a little while. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the baby why not use the time to go for a nap or take a bath. You will be close by if baby needs you.

Plan ahead

Easier said than done but having your baby bag packed and ready to go at all times will count as a huge help in the long run. Take note of supplies you have to avoid any last minute dashes to the shop – trust us you will not have the energy for it!

Make life easy

Whatever it is – find ways to make your life easier! Some new parents hire a cleaner to blitz the house every two weeks. Others say they didn’t have time to cook and ordered takeaways so they at least ate something. If you like cooking, cooking in bulk will help you in the long run. You can start preparing these and advance and store them in the freezer. Other couples swear by buying disposable plates to stop the need to wash up! Take the stress out of mundane tasks at least until you are settled. It is one less thing to worry about then!

Plan date nights

As mentioned above, it is important to spend time with your partner! If you don’t feel up to it why not book into the local salon for a blow dry and make up application? You will feel like you again and a glam night out is the perfect treat for all you have been through the last few weeks.