To find out or not to find out? 

It’s probably the most asked question when you are pregnant – do you know what you are having? Finding out early is each couples choice and there is no real right or wrong way of doing things.

Thanks to advances in technology it is relatively easy to find out the sex of your baby – a quick hospital appointment and you will know where you stand however a lot of couples love the excitement that comes with not knowing and look forward to the surprise. What is right for one couple doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be right for you so go with your gut and enjoy the journey! Here are some arguments for and against finding out your babies sex just incase you are still on the fence!!

The pros of finding out baby’s sex:

  • It can provide a well needed lift halfway through your pregnancy especially if it has been a tough journey so far!
  • It gives you a chance to bond with the baby before it is even born – the whole situation feels more real and you start learning your babies personality.
  • You can get a serious head start on baby names!!
  • If you already have children, letting them know that there will be a little brother or sister on the way will help them feel more connected and involved.
  • You will no longer be walking by the blues and pinks in the baby section – gender neutral colours will be a thing of the past once you know what you are having. Plus if you see really cute things you can buy in advance.
  • Friends and family have an easier time buying gifts.

The cons of finding out baby’s sex :

The more traditional approach is to wait until the midwife or doctor announces to the room “It’s a boy/girl”. Here are some arguments for this approach :

Whether it is a boy or girl will be one of the biggest surprises in your life – it will be a more special occasion when you have your baby girl or baby boy in your arms!

  • A healthy, happy baby is the most important thing not what sex the baby is.
  • You might start to develop expectations of your baby if you know its gender before actually meeting the little bundle of joy.
  • Ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate in determining the sex, so you could prepare for one gender only to have the other.