Each women struggles in different ways throughout their pregnancy. Some people seem to breeze through it while others are feeling rough from day one. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are the following will most likely apply to you :

Toilet Runs  

Get your bathroom decorated because it will be one of your most used rooms. In the third semester in particular, you will be up and down like a yo yo. There is no harm is making it a nicer place to be.

The constant trips to the ladies will not only distrupt your daily routine your night time sleep is disturbed too. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do to alleviate this problem apart from reassuring yourself it won’t last forever.

Morning sickness

It seems more women suffer from all day sickness as opposed to morning sickness! The majority of women will experience this at the start of their pregnancy. If you are one of the unlucky few have it constantly it may be worth looking up remedies or talking to your doctor for help. 

Some people actually get sick while others have the constant sickly nauseous feeling in their stomach – whatever way it affects you we advise ginger tea and simple foods!

Severe tiredness

You will look back on times where you thought you were tired and laugh at your naivety. There is no tiredness like pregnancy tiredness. You need to look after baby but you also need to look after you too. Follow a healthy diet, take rest and ask for help if you need it :). 


I don’t know many mothers who didn’t suffer from indigestion while pregnant (especially when they didn’t before) certain foods can trigger it or you will spend your entire time not knowing what is causing your discomfort no matter how hard your try! Gaviscon is your friend!


Between sore breasts and crampy legs and God knows what else pregnancy is no walk in the park. Hot showers or baths help relax your muscles and ease any pain you may experience. We find placing pillows between your legs helps them stay elavated which may be useful in warding off cramps.

Forgetting what comfortable feels like

Expect lots of tossing and turning, shifting and readjusting while pregnant be it sitting on the sofa or trying to get to sleep! Safe to say this will make you irritable so try and not take it out on your other half :). There are some cushions out there that help support the weight of the baby which should help you get more comfortable and relaxed.