Your hospital bag should really be prepped and ready to go from the second trimester onwards just incase your bundle of joy decides to come earlier than expected!

Some mums to be have a hospital bag in their house and also one in their car in case their their baby decides to come whilst on the move. Your hospital bag should be packed by 36 weeks at the very latest if you are having one baby and 30 weeks if you are having twins or triplets.

It is very easy to try and pack the kitchen sink especially if it is your first baby. As a result, we recommend you to restrict your hospital bag to a weekend bag or a carry on case with perhaps a separate bag for the labour ward. Space is limited in labour wards therefore you don’t want someone to trip over your super size case or inhibit the hospital staff from doing their work! Remember if you forget something it can easily be picked up by your partner or family members.

Hospital Bag For mum

  • Make sure and pack at least three cotton nightdresses or pyjamas (if you plan on breastfeeding make sure they have a front opening). We highly recommend cotton bed clothes as maternity wards tend to be ridiculously warm places! If you are due to give birth in the winter time perhaps purchase your bed clothes in summer when they tend to be lighter.
  • Include two maternity bras in your hospital bag. Try them on before you give birth to make sure they are comfortable and provide the support you need. 
  • Breast pads, nipple cream and maternity sanitary towels .
  • Include two dark coloured towels and face cloths for showering whilst in hospital.
  • Keep an eye out for a nice light towelling dressing gown, summer slippers and flipflops (a must have for the shower)
  • Eight pairs of comfortable underwear, think Bridget Jones style big and comfortable! Many department stores sell multipacks so pick one up before the birth.
  • Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant will help you feel fresh and clean throughout the whole process.
  • Cleanser & moisturiser, hairbrush, bobbin, dry shampoo and clips will also help you feel a little more comfortable. 
  • If you plan on bringing makeup to the maternity hospital we recommend BB or CC creams and multipurpose products that will make you look half decent with very little effort!
  • Witch hazel to soothe stitches. 
  • Numerous magazines are needed to keep you entertained in case your labour is longer than expected.
  • Notepad and pen to write down any nuggets of advice you may receive along the way.
  • Keep at least twenty euro with you for snacks or incase you need something from the hospital shop.

Hospital Bag For baby

  • Pack around six long sleeved baby grows, vests and bibs. Again, we find multipacks are ideal for this and the majority of department stores will have them in stock.
  • Two cardigans, hats, scratch mitts and blankets.
  • Two soft baby towels
  • One baby sponge so you can bathe your baby whilst in the hospital.
  • Cotton wool, nappy cream and nappies.

Labour Ward Bag

  • Copy of birth plan and any hospital notes you may have.
  • Details of any prescribed medication
  • An old nightgown (front opening for breastfeeding) – trust us in the throes of labour you will not care what you are wearing and this will be thrown out so save some money and stick with something old
  • A light dressing gown, slippers and bed socks.
  • Clean nightwear for after the birth, the bigger the better trust us!
  • Mini toiletries are fantastic in the labour ward, a pack of tissues and a towel.
  • Facial mist spray is a proven God send in a roasting labour ward.
  • Bottled water and snacks as you don’t know how long your labour will last.
  • Magazine or book
  • Camera
  • MP3 player
  • Nappy, vest, babygro, hat and scratch mitts for baby
  • Phone and charger.

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