We are endless benefits of taking a babymoon in Ireland. Have you considered a babymoon before you give birth? More and more couples are taking a babymoon because it gives them a chance to re-connect with each other before baby arrives and to go for a really romantic holiday whilst also celebrating their impending parenthood. (If you are wondering on what to expect here is an article on the first six weeks of parenthood!)

Once your baby arrives and the chaos of parenthood takes over it is important that you and your other half take some time out – it might be a few years before the two of you will get the chance to have a romantic trip together again so make the most of it :).

Here is why we think a babymoon is a fantastic way to celebrate your growing bump :

Your BabyMoon Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank!

Babies can be expensive business but your babymoon doesn’t have to be. Instead of booking in to a five star extravaganza perhaps book into a nice hotel which has a good spa and enjoy some room service for a night or two.

The idea of the babymoon is to spend quality time together and this trip should be all about rest and downtime for you both.

Stock up on sleep, eat rings around yourself, chill out and have the chats!

Your Babymoon Gives You An Opportunity To Cherish Each Other’s Company

While parenthood is the absolute best, you never get a moment to yourself. Having a child changes the family dynamic… and the baby becomes the center of attention from the moment you give birth. So it is nice to spend some quality time together, and make some memories that you will be able to treasure and look back on.

Take A Romantic Trip While You Can

If this is your first baby, you are essentially free as a bird. Although you may feel overwhelmed, busy or just want to be left alone trust me you need this break. Your life as you know it is going to radically change and you will look back to your babymoon someday and appreciate the time you were able to say, “Let’s get away!” without booking a babysitter a year in advance.

Recharge Your Batteries

Taking a babymoon is a wonderful way to “recharge” many areas of your life… from romance to sleep to adventure. As you enjoy your time away, you’ll come back ready to do your last trimester and welcome your new baby with open arms.

Getting away from daily stresses is so good for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As you approach this life-changing event, it can be even more important to get away from the drains of extra rest and relaxation to recharge you for parenting.

Take Time To Reflect

How will you want to raise your child? How will you nurture this new relationship as well as old relationships? What do you want your legacy to be as mom? These are all great questions to reflect upon as you are on your babymoon. This will help you be an intentional and conscious parent.

Dream And Plan

Have you put off thinking about baby’s name? Or whether you’ll co-sleep? Or do you a dream nursery you want to create? Now is a great time to tackle these topics while you have uninterrupted time with your partner.

Go On An Adventure

On a babymoon, your partner will probably participate in activities he may not normally do like a couples massage or afternoon tea! This is your moment to plan a trip away with what you want in mind :).

And remember – If the father of the baby can’t go away with you for some reason, you can go with a friend or your mom! As long as you are you are taking time out to relax it is still a babymoon!!